You changed your "contacts" format?

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I just logged into to trying and find a customer name and email and was quite disgruntled on a "new format" you've decided upon? It's new to me and I absolutely do not like it. especially when there was nothing wrong with the old contact format. Am I able to get the old contacts format back or am I stuck with this thing forever. Even when you click "show 500 names" that doesn't work any longer, I am only able to display 12 names at a time, and you cannot "move down" to find the missing names. I wish BEFORE someone at Constant Contact decides what's best for their customers (me), they would, at the very least, get customer opinion and input. This has never been the case as long as I've been a customer. Not happy.
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Hi @RonO95 though all users are being moved over to this updated contact management dashboard, we are open to ways we can better our user’s experience! While you have mentioned a few pin points, what about this updated system do you not like?


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Hi Frankie, I’m “old school” so that may be a problem. Ya know, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Leave well

enough alone. I was perfectly happy with the old formats you had but, will try to adapt to your new

formats if I must. I just wish CC would ask their customers their opinions BEFORE they decide to make

changes. This would make you feel like you had an input, rather than be forced into something


Hi @RonO95 what about our old contacts formatting would you like to see added to this updated version? What about our current version does not fit your needs?

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We have not heard back from you, so we are closing this idea. We welcome feedback and encourage you to create a new post and let us know what improvements or requests you would like to see.

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