a CHECK ALL or SELECT all option when you filter bounces by Recommended for Removal

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I like to pull my recommended for removals onto their own email list to analyze.  I wish there was a box at the top of the results page that would allow you to select everything in the list.

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Thank you for your feedback @TimothyF. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We have been tracking similar feedback from other customers and our development teams have been made aware. In the meantime, you can accomplish this by exporting the bounced contacts and uploading to a list.

Suddenly it's extremely difficult to regularly delete the e-mail addresses that are "recommended for removal." This messes up my statistics. Yet every week there are some 70 new very obviously fake Yahoo e-mail accounts added. What is going on ? How can I regularly delete all of these without having to go through them individually and waste a great deal of my time? Thank you for your help.
Sorry, but not a fan of the new layout. I'm looking at a list of bounced addresses and there are two issues: 1) there's no option to "select all" so I have to click each one individually. 2) I can't unsubscribe them all, only delete them. They're NON-EXISTENT addresses, why wouldn't I be able to unsubscribe them, since they don't exist?? Plus, the font and spacing is so excessive, 10 of them barely fit on my screen. What's the deal? Ugh.
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I've seen the other threads saying that your developers are working on bringing back the select all options. Any updates on this? It's creating MAJOR delays for us. 


Also, why is there no longer a "remove" option when filtering emails that are recommended for removal? The only action options are Add to List, Delete, and Quick Send. There used to be a Remove option, which if I'm correct was essentially an unsubscribe. There's no unsubscribe option. Please fix ASAP!

Yall have changed the way we delete bounced emails. Dont like it. There is no way to select all the bounces at one time and delete them. Then I click all the bounces individually and select delete and it wont delete them. I have to select the 1st bounce and delete it and then it will let me select a few more at a time and delete them and that doesnt work all the time. Very annoying.
Formerly, when deleting bounces "recommended for removal" we had the ability to click one box that would then "select all" addresses. At present, I believe that box is missing iteration.
Need to go back to the original easy two step process of cleaning up the mailing list. Why would you make it so complicated!!! To much time involved in this task. Thank you.
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Great news everyone! The select all option has been implemented.


Awesome!  Thank you!

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