ability to add a forward to friend in emails

I created an email using card/announcement and when I tried to add "forward to a friend", "join my mailing list" and permission reminder" I was not able. I would like to have the ability to use these functions in future emails that I create.

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Hi everyone! I am following up to the forward to friend feature request. Thank you for your patience as we looked into this! The good news is we have received word from our engineers that feature is now available in our cross device templates under the social share block. If anyone has any additional questions on this, please don’t hesitate to respond to this post as we would be happy to assist you further.

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We had the same issue with our newsletter template. Right now you have to use the LEGACY templates to have the forward to a friend feature. They said they are working on it, but honestly, it's been a couple of years and they still keep pushing the "new" template. But if you have the template as you like it, you may be able to recreate in Legacy. It's not really that hard once you understand the concept of blocks and what each one is for. Good luck, and I actually suggested calling it Forward to a colleague or friend or give you a choice....so it makes sense to whoever is receiving.... 

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We would like the Forward to a Friend button to be added back to the template editor. It was useful in our newsletters created with legacy templates, and there isn't a substitute for the feature in the new version.


All of this feedback and CC still hasn't re-introduced "Forward to a Friend"??


Hey @AkinahR1,


Thank you for reaching out to us! I apologize that Forward to a Friend hasn't been added to 3ge. The more feedback we get from our customers, the stronger case we can bring to our developers as to why we should bring it back. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance! 


Is this feature ever going to come back? Having people forward from email client does not giving tracking info. :( PLEASE Bring this feature back.


Hello @MichelleS1760,


This feature is something we are submitting feedback on, so hopefully it is something that will be back in our product soon. Thank you for letting us know how important this is to you! We will definitely track your feedback and submit it over to our engineers for review. Have a wonderful Sunday! 


Many of us on this thread have been pointing out that we are actually LOSING people without this feature. When people forward our emails to people who are not in our database, it can and is considered SPAM. The result is that we lose people who have subscribed because the person forwarded to UNSUBSCRIBES that person and can report us for SPAM. It would be a positive for Constant Comment to consider their loyal customers by adding this feature back in after all this time. Other services offer it. CC should as well.


Hello @dorism11,


That is a very good point, and we completely understand why this feature is important. I will also submit your feedback on this and hopefully it will be apart of our product again soon. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we do appreciate your feedback very much. Thank you!

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I think it may have been a year or so ago that I first looked into this conversation and at that time it was said that the feature was discontinued because it was very rarely used.


Has something changed in Constant Contact's assessment of this, such that it is seriously being considered to restore the feature? Or is this just one of those canned responses used when people complain  about a feature they want returned?

I don't know about others in the discussion, but I would rather not get replies like this when CC has already decided against a feature. It can be so frustrating.


Hello @rcppubs23,


You are completely right, it was discontinued because our customers were not using it enough. Through your feedback, it helps us know that enough people will begin to use it if it comes back into our product. We completely understand your frustration and it is a feature that we are submitting feedback on. Thank you for your feedback! Have a great Sunday. 

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