ability to add a forward to friend in emails

I created an email using card/announcement and when I tried to add "forward to a friend", "join my mailing list" and permission reminder" I was not able. I would like to have the ability to use these functions in future emails that I create.

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Hi everyone! I am following up to the forward to friend feature request. Thank you for your patience as we looked into this! The good news is we have received word from our engineers that feature is now available in our cross device templates under the social share block. If anyone has any additional questions on this, please don’t hesitate to respond to this post as we would be happy to assist you further.

Legacy accounts get it but new accounts don’t. Wonderful.

Hi @ArlaP 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! This forward to friend feature is not currently an available feature. This feature was available in our previous second generation editor, it was not a feature that was used often causing it to not be carried over to our newest Third Generation Editor. We are however always open to ways we can better our user's experience and have tracked this feature request in your account. As for our support, I apologize you were unable to connect as easily as you should! Though email is not currently a line of support we offer we can be reached by chat, Twitter, Facebook, phone, and here in the Community. With that said, are you also unable to connect with our Chat Support through our contact page?


Can my account also have the 'forward to a friend' button feature? 


Add us to the list of folks who want that feature. I've had several subscribers within the last two years who have ended up being unsubscribed because someone they forwarded the email to hit unsubscribe, thinking they were unsubscribing themselves instead of the original recipient. Unfortunately, we don't notice it until the original recipient complains to us that they haven't received anything from us for a while. When we check that out, that's the culprit 9 times out of 10, but since we have to wait until we hear from them, it could be months and months that they've been missing our stuff. Terrible! And it seems like it should be an easy fix. Can we get on that? 


I would like to see this feature back again. Why did you do away with it?


If you were really listing to use you would have put this feature back into play as according to this link: https://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Need-help-with-something-else/add-the-forward-to-a-friend-f... 


many people been asking for this feature since you removed it in 2017 but guess you don't listen to customers.

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for my comments.  My almost weekly phone calls to Constant Contact, wasting approximately 30-45 minutes each call, have only resulted in a suggested "work around" which may or may not work, or just a "we can't do that any more."   I've been a customer for almost 20 years and I am now giving serious thought to how I download all my contacts into a new mail service.  Something happened late last year that obliterated the ease of creating and distributing newsletters through Constant Contact.  To indent a paragraph, I have to type 5 periods and then change them to white so they fade into the background.  Inserting a video results in a preview of color bars instead of an image from the video.  The forward function is gone so when my emails are forwarded the format falls apart and looks amateurish.  The ability to change the background color of a text box is gone.  Divider lines can only be horizontal. I can appreciate that you are "continuing to improve the Community," but wish you would devote some time to improving the product I am paying for monthly.

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Why take away something that is useful? Please put it back in! Seriously!

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How do we get access to the legacy editor? What were the advantages to removing something like that? I'm very frustrated. Boss demanding we have it, doesn't understand why we can't. You are not making my life easy at all right now.


Hi @OMA704704 


I apologize for any inconvenience caused by not having access to this forward to friend feature. Though this is not available in our updated Email newsletters, users who have older Legacy Newsletter campaigns in their account can however copy these emails to access it. 

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