cant see removed by date

with the new formatting, I can't see when someone unsubscribes themselves. I can see when they were added, and updated, but not unsubscribed. this new formatting is more difficult to figure out.
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HI Kathy,

I am very sorry to hear the updates aren't working for you. You can sort your contacts by first or last name using the options at the top of the menu.

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How do you usually add new contacts to your account--one at a time, by a file, etc. I'm happy to help using whichever approach works for you! Thanks.

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The last and first names should be listed separately. You put them together and put the first name first so when sorted alphabetically it sorts by first name. this does not make sense!

I use to be able to weekly check to see who removed themselves from my newsletter and look at the reason they gave, so I could determine if changes needed to be made. Your change prevents me from being able to see who removed themselves the last week or so, and for what reason. Please put this back and quit breaking things whenever you get bored
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Dislike: Contact are now organized alphabetically by first name only, eliminating the ability to organize by last name, a functionality I used very frequently before these content management changes.
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The new layout for my contact list is awful, I can't find anyone without searching through the whole list (over 1700 contacts). The names aren't even in alphabetical order and the search box doesn't work either. Please can i have the old look back?

Joanne Smith

why aren't last name in alpha order; we're seeing Anne Smith followed by Anne Jones

I use to be able to within a couple of clicks see who unsubscribed in the last week. I could just click on unsubscribed, toggle the date field (which was date they unsubscribed - not date added to system). I could then click on that person and see the reason they unsubscribed. I can no longer do that. I was told I could export the list to excel and sort it that way - yippee skippee. So now you have managed to completely make this useless

Hi Stephen,


I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.  When you are in the contacts tab if you click on the header titled names you can select to sort by last name.  Please let me know if this solves your problem. 


I am dissapointed that you removed the sort by date with the removed contacts.  I keep a spread sheet of all of my contacts and this is how I manage the removes.  I think I am tired because this pisses me off!


We need the dates of when a contact has opt out-Why did you remove the dates.



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