cant see removed by date

with the new formatting, I can't see when someone unsubscribes themselves. I can see when they were added, and updated, but not unsubscribed. this new formatting is more difficult to figure out.
Occasional Participant
Unsubscribes don't get a date they unsubscribed.
Occasional Participant
Fields need to be added to see when and how a recipient was removed. Having to export the report is more complicated than the original system.
IN my report on bounced emails I have a record 77 according to this report but you only show me 2. So...which is it? 77 or 2? Why did you change the way this was was so very easy to see and manage the other way. Very unhappy with this.
Since my previous comment was not acknowledged, I'll tell you again, how disappointed I am in the fact that you removed the opt-out date field for contacts. I have tried to go back and do a review to see how many of my clients vs non-client subscribers have opted out and when and I have no way of accessing that information. We have been a customer of yours since 2004, and now nearly 10 years of information is gone.
Regular Participant
It would be nice to have the date that each contact unsubscribed, if possible.
Regular Participant
Where is the ability to see all my unsubscribes after an email blast BY DATE ???????? C'mon guys. Why did you remove so many functions that were valuable?? What the hell? Please give us an option to sort/view unsubscribes by DATE !!!! Please!
Regular Participant
Dear CC, You have removed my ability to see who unsubscribed a contact, from the Unsubscribes. I used to be able to see if I did it myself, or if a contact did it themselves. Why did you take away this functionality? Please put it back! Thank you!
Occasional Participant
the new contact export for unsubscribes - how come there is no longer a column "Do Not Mail List Date"? this is a problem because I need to sort by when they were removed please pass it guys really messed up with the last couple changes..
When looking at a specific contact who has unsubscribed from e-mailings, it would be great to be able to see the date that the unsubscribe was requested.
I hate it!!!!!! I can't see my whole list of lists!
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