cant see removed by date

with the new formatting, I can't see when someone unsubscribes themselves. I can see when they were added, and updated, but not unsubscribed. this new formatting is more difficult to figure out.
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Hi there, I would like to see the date unsubscribed as a option on the table layout when viewing unsubscribed contacts. It used to be there and now it's gone. Or - even better - the option to print an unsubscribe report that shows name, email, date unsubscribe, reason and perhaps last month engagement.

Hi MarthaC16 ,


Sorry to hear you are having issues adjusting to the new format. The Add Contacts process is the same as before -- Adding Contacts one by one, several at a time, from a file etc. The layout on that part has just changed with the new interface. As for searching, we have now provided 2 ways to search: 1) a quick search so you can enter the contacts' first/ last name and 2) Advanced Search to be able to filter your searches better. Pelse feel free to try both. Also, you can go to our Contacts Resource Center so you can learn about all the new features.


Hope this helps.!


Thank you for your feedback and ideas, we are gathering information from customers on what they would like to see in the system to make things smoother for what they do.  Your feedback is important for us to know how to serve you best!  

If you go to your contacts tab, and go to Unsubscribes on the left you can select all the information for Export.  This isn't exactly all of the information you are looking for but it may be a good start to a printable report you can use.


Please continue to provide us with detailed feedback and vote for other ideas you think would be helpful! 

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Greetings - I've noticed that some of the contact lists (the particular one that I am looking at now is the list of contacts that clicked on a link in an e-mail) have put a new twist to the concept of alphabetical order. Contacts are divided by letter but order is not alphabetical. It's not the end of the world but it is a little odd. A fix would be appreciated. Thanks
Please put all our contacts in alphabetical order!

Thank you for reaching out to us, Teena!  Below I have provided a link to an FAQ that will give you the steps to sorting your contacts.


How do I sort my contacts?


Within the FAQ it says this "When you are viewing your individual contacts, every column heading can be used to sort through them.  Just click on a heading." below I have provided a picture of the heading.  You can simple click on Name, Email, Company, City, State and it will allow you to sort alphabetically.




If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know!

I'm having extreme difficulties tracking my bounced emails and evaluating my contacts. I've experienced a number of problems: - I cannot export some or all of the bounced emails; each time I attempt an export, I get 50 randomly selected bounced addresses. They are not alphabetized or organized in any way. Even when I sort by undeliverable and try to export the 40 undeliverable addresses, I get 50 random bounced addresses. What's going on? - When I view my overall contact list of who bounced, all I can see is the name, reason, and email. The list is not alphabetized or organized in any way. I'd like it to be alphabetized, but more than that, I would like control to sort and organize to meet my needs. I'd like to see a company name blank or something so that I can sort by company. At least give me the options for sorting by a variety of fields. -Why are my bounced/delivered histories only available for 7 days in report form? I used to be able to track statistics for longer amounts of time and view the results in an easy report format. This new system should have undergone better beta testing before public launch.

I was told by your chat agent i needed to post this.  So hopefully someone will read this and see if this is a Good Fix for All.


I send out an Email marketing letter to 500.  5 opt out. I go to Contacts, Unsubscribed, and those 5 are there.  Columns show date I added them, but no date they were removed.   I go to my computer where my Original list came from and easily delete those 5 from my master to make sure if i send a letter out from my computer vs Constant contact.


I send  out a second email marketing to 445.. 15 opt out. I go to Contacts, Unscribed, and now i see 20 unsubscribed contacts.  There is no date indicating what date they opted out. so for me to go to my master list on my computer, I will have to look up all 20 (including the first 5) one at a time. 


Next month if I have 10 opting out, then it will be impossible for me to manage my master with making sure i do not ever send opted outs from CC or my master list.  I had a fuming person today yelling at me.


Can you add Opted Out Date Column in Contacts Section


Add Unscribed or opted out area on the Email Mareting page where you click on the date of your email and it already shows how many you send to, how many clicked, and what link they clicked on , AND How many didn't open it...


i would lappreciate your at least emailing me that you are working on this.  




Thank you for your great feedback!  You can actually see your unsubscribed contacts from the Email tab > Reports and in the table below the graph click the number in the Opt Out column for the email you are interested in.  We are also working on adding a feature that will allow you to see who has unsubscribed from a uploaded file, so stay tuned for this future update.  Please keep providing us with valuable feedback about making the product better and remember to vote for other ideas you think would be helpful.

Just spoke with one of your managers who mentioned probably ten times that I can provide my feedback about features that are no longer available to me and that I am not happy with. How about not taking those features away in the first place? How about making those changes optional instead of having your "improvements" forced on me? Your program is actually slower because of these "improvements", are you aware of this?
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