cant see removed by date

with the new formatting, I can't see when someone unsubscribes themselves. I can see when they were added, and updated, but not unsubscribed. this new formatting is more difficult to figure out.
This tries to predict what I'm typing and after just 3 characters kicks me out of the box before I've even completed my entry. I also prefer to select which field I'm searching by right from the start, i.e. company, last name, email, etc. The old system was far superior.

Thanks for this feedback. The search function now searchs everything but if you would like to narrow it down more you can use the Advanced options under the main search box. 

Searching "email Address Includes" is sorely missing. Large databases created without the new 'tagging' method have been rendered much less accessible. Very, very disappointing.

MOD Hanna_M

Your answer is incorrect. There is no ability to search, for example


Any suggestions?


Hi CharlesC77722,

Thanks for yoru feedback. You can search by domain only if you want. If you would like to use the basic search box you will have to leave out the @ sign.


1-15-2014 7-47-27 AM.jpg


Or you can click the "Advanced" link under the basic search tool and include the @ sign if you want. You will see in this example I have searched by "Email Address" and "Ends with" since we're using a domain as the example. 

1-15-2014 7-50-14 AM.jpg


Are you seeing an error when you try to do this?

Occasional Participant
I was going through my company's data base with bounced since this change, all the emails are mixed up. I have to go over the list again, which consists of 500+ contacts. And I really do not understand why the emails are being organized by the alphabet when it's still not in order and some of them are not organized by the alphabet?

Thanks for this feedback. Please let us know what questions we can help with to help make the process simpler. 

I was always able to view my contact list alphabetically in the order of the company name, but now it only does it first for those contacts with a first and last name listed,
Occasional Participant
when you updated the format for lists of contacts, you took away the alphabetized option A,B,C, etc., at the bottom of the made it so much easier to find contacts rather than having to use the arrows at the bottom might want to add back as it was much quicker the other way...
Regular Participant
When I go into a sent email and look at the list of clients who haven't opened the email, I try to sort that list alphabetically by last name in ascending order. But the system seems to sort them in a random order. For example, they are sorted in this order of the alphabet: A, Z, B, H, J, M, N, I, C, G, T, P It similarly doesn't sort them properly when I choose to sort by first name or by email address. In all cases, it doesn't sort properly. Thanks.
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