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.design extension not supported ?!

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I have tried to upload 3 contacts to our list and thier url is @kga-design but your error says that it has to be in xxx@yyy.zzz format - when will .design or .zzzzzz be supported?
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Hi @ShawnK092. I just did a test with a .design extension (admittedly, I did not have a legitimate email to test with) and I did not receive an error message. How were you adding these contacts? Were they added one at a time or in a file?


@Caitlin_M  , good point, I should have noted that this was from a file upload and not an individual entry.

Thanks for your help, I'll try to add them one by one.

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@ShawnK092 Great! I'll close this out for now, but if you need further assistance, you can post on our Support boards




No luck - tried to type in just one contact and also tried multiple contacts and both ways I get a red text error saying that the email address is invalid and I can't proceed with the upload from that point.


@ShawnK092 - I would recommend contacting our support team so they can do some further investigation as I'm not able to replicate the error on my end. They might even be able to do a screen share session to see how the address is being entered and how we can get those contacts into your account. 

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