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I really need a link to resend to people and to share my autoresponder emails. One is provided for other email campaigns. To work around this is duplicating the email, publish it to a single person, then use that link.
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Hi @BobS8824, thanks for the feedback! We've opened this idea for voting while we look into how we can bring this feature to you.

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It also seems that you cannot even create a COPY of the newsletter in an autorespond campaign, even if you turn off autorespond. So my workaround is to send myself a TEST message of the newsletter, then forward it to the requester. Keep in mind, they cannot sign up again to the list and be resent the autoresponder email. Even if you delete their name from the list first. It only will send once to an email address, period. Thanks!!


Thanks for the further info @BobS8824! We are currently working on developing changes so that you can copy Autoresponder emails as a normal newsletter. Although it doesn't solve your original problem, it will help with the workaround you are using.

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In our new automated series we have the ability to get short URL's for emails within the series.

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