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We use it every year, we would like to continue to have access to it.
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @NancyY thanks for reaching out about the survey campaigns in your account. Users do currently have the option to continue copying and working in our Legacy Survey experience. However this product will be retired later in 2021. Because of this we recommend users to move over to our updated survey tool instead. What features are causing you to continue working in this legacy survey template?


Time is an issue and you have no import feature to the new survey tool so we are building all the surveys from scratch again. Super time-consuming for a person with limited resources already.


Skip logic is essential to any and all survey tools!!!!!


Occasional Participant

Collect personal Information block is missing and setting it up in the new survey format will not work easily as it has been for us. We use the survey as a quiz assessing attendance at a course and the results generate a user specific certificate (email) that is regulated by our professional organization. The new format won't makes it super time consuming, may as well go back to paper! Please leave the personal information block in!


Status changed to: Gathering Information

@JennyM11 - I'm sorry that our update caused some trouble with needing to update your surveys. We hope in the time that you commented, you were able to successfully use our Survey Page tool. If you need assistance, please post on our Get Help page.


@NancyO298 We have an open idea for the ability to collect personal information from a respondent. I recommend commenting or voting on that idea so you can be notified if we have updates to share in the future.


@NETTComm There is an open idea that we are collecting feedback on regarding turning on skip logic. I recommend commenting or voting on that topic to receive updates.


We will leave this thread open for further responding but strongly encourage those who come across this to be specific in what features or improvements you would like. This way, we can point you to other threads that are relevant and for us to stay on topic.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

There has been a great amount of feedback left on this post. In order for us to properly track the improvements you would like to see in our Survey Pages tool, we ask that you comment or vote on the linked threads in our previous post or create a new post with specific details on what features would make your experience better.

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