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make it a solid app that does what it is supposed to

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Today part of the vertical column on the left of the email editor has disappeared. The section to change outer and inner backgrounds, text, and link color are not there. I tried in Brave, FIrefox, and Chrome.


- Customer service was excellent until the company was sold. Live chat is totally useless, and if I get one of the few people left from before the sale, they are great but mostly it is like my experience today. I got through your horribly frustrating automated answering robot, finally got it to let me speak to someone. Long hold with incredibly annoying music. The person who answered after 8 minutes on hold asked for the name of the account, I spelled the name, and he hung up. 


But this is just the latest in an infuriating cascade of problems over the last year. 


- having to log in over and over again as the program times out any time I stop for a few (5) minutes, then requiring that I prove I'm a person by clicking on the elephants or street signs or whatever. Twice of three times.


- changing the main user interface so I have to log out and log back in to get to my accounts - and hiding the link to my accounts under a ... button.


- changing the editing tools and not using tool tips or any kind of on screen explanations of what's changed.


I've been with Constant Contact for almost 14 years and I have persisted because moving all my accounts is going to be a hassle. But I'm going to approach them all about moving to or someone (ANYONE) besides Constant Contact. I can only assume that the new owners don't want small business accounts - maybe you think wants Constant Contact for the 5000 people they laid off today?



Hi @JeanY0


We apologize for the experience you had connecting with our support as this is not the experience we want our users to have! With that said, getting timed out after less than 5 minutes and the design tab being hidden are defects you're experiencing. For users who are also seeing their design tab being hidden when working in a child account we recommend calling into our support directly. One of these agents can help set-up a remote session with our upper level of support for further troubleshooting.


The good news is our developers are working through these bugs. We will reach out to this thread when there are any further updates we can share. In the meantime we have however submitted your feedback on all the items you have mentioned to the appropriate teams on your behalf. We have also sent the contact email address on file for your account a way to submit any further partner feedback directly to our partner team.

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