"Reporting" tab is basically worthless

The major changes you made to the Reporting tab have taken away the metrics that were helpful. Why can I no longer see a chart with our subscriber growth over time? I want the "Contact Growth" report chart back and all the other charts you have removed. I am **bleep**. This has screwed me over. And why can I only get info for "the last 50" I sent? Ridiculous! I should be able to select a date range. I do year end reports and I need the info for the entire year.
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Thank you for the feedback @ONLC


Your voice has been heard!  As of this week the Contact Growth chart has been added back to all Constant Contact accounts.


Thank you again for the feedback.




Occasional Participant

Thanks for adding the growth chart back, however, can you give us more options for view contact statistics? For instance, I would like to see the last 12 months of data - not just 90 days. Or, a previous year' information? Additionally, I would like to see the growth of my active contacts and unsubscribes, not just the total. It is already hard enough to figure out the wonky math that Constant Contact uses when trying to determine why my total contacts do not equal the same number as the active + no permissions set + unsubscribed.


I look forward to hearing from you.


All the best,

Stacy Bryant

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