stop overrighting the page I want with the default home page

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You send me an email about getting a template that matches my branding and a button to "get started". I clicked the button and got the sign page. So I sign in and it goes to the default home. So I went back to the email and clicked get started again thinking it should work this time since I'm already logged in. Well it didn't! It took me to the default home page [ BTW way its the default page you picked not what I picked. Its a useless page and I always have to go elsewhere. I want to login and go to contacts. ] so now I'm on the default home page and there is nothing about getting a template to match my brand. So how am I supposed to get to the page you refer to in the email? You don't tell me what the page is? No - you hide it with a button. So it begs the question - why did you even bother to annoy me with the email in the first place when there is no way for me to get to the info it was designed to tell me about?
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Hi @ActionCIND. I'm sorry that you were not redirected to the correct page. You can access the branded template link through the template picker or following the steps outlined here.  

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