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Stop randomly suspending email addresses, we have information that is time sensitive and to have an email address randomly suspended defeats the purpose

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Hi @PaulH294,

Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to reach out to the Community! I do sincerely apologize about this experience. Within Constant Contact, once an email bounces for the first time as "Non-Existent", we place them in a temporary 15-day hold, known as "Suspended". During this time, no one with a Constant Contact account will be able to send to this address. After this temporary hold, we will allow you to send to that address again. However, if it bounces back again as a "Non-Existent" address, we will place them indefinitely in this "Suspended" status. If you believe a contact has been put in this hold incorrectly, you can call into our Support team and we would be more than happy to investigate the address for you. You can find out more information about this Suspended Bounce category here:



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How can we tell the difference between a temporarily suspended vs. indefinitely suspended account? Your reports only show "Suspended."


Also your statement that emails are only suspended after bouncing as "non-existent" is false. I have a colleague within my company whose email address is absolutely valid, and they are marked as "Suspended". There's no way an email ever bounced as "Non-existent" to that email address. 


Hi @spetrick. You are correct: we do not have separate bounce types for temporary and permanently suspended bounces and I can see how this would be useful to determine which contacts you may think about removing.


It's possible the code we received back was translated as non-existent in our system but I'm not able to confirm that without seeing the email address. I did want to point out a new feature in our reporting that allows you to do a one-time unsuspend on a suspended contact so you can try to send to this address again. However, if they do bounce again, you may need to speak with our Deliverability team so they can see what causes the address to bounce.

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