My photos are hard to find now!!!!!

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Ah yes, another CC "improved product feature". Yes I know that is a bit snarky, but as a 10 year customer who is using the "new and improved" version of Library and Contact Management almost daily for more than a month, I feel like I am allowed. So here is my latest... You can no longer sort your images, period. No alpha sort, no upload date sort, and no most recent sort. NO SORTS what so ever. You now have the privilege of finding your image by name. WHAT AN EXCELLENT IDEA! I now get to create a separate list of image names in a word or excel file. Then when I need an image I just exit CC open the word doc library, look up the name of the image I need, exit the word doc and return to CC, search for the image and presto I have it, Oops! It is not the right image so I either get to scroll through all my images or exit back to the word file again. Now when I find my image I get to use another "new and improved feature". I get to leave Library, go to the edit page of the email I am working on, and then go through the insert image process. I just can't thank you enough for this "great new feature"! Just how much Red Bull and Vodka did your software guys consume when they were thinking this one through? Yes, I know that was a cheap shot. But after a month of long discussions with the CSRs and lots of feedback about the numerous product deficiencies, serious bugs, and glitches - Gail Goodman please take note - there has not been one communication from the higher ups acknowledging the difficulties that many of your customers are having. Nor has there been any timetable given for fixes to the serious bugs that have been reported. Those of us who are loyal customers care about CC and we want it to work. But, you have got to give us a bit of hope that it will get better.

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Hi Dave, Thanks for your feedback about sorting options. I apologize for the frustration this has caused. Have you tried using the filter options on the left under "Advanced"? You can use these to help narrow down what you are looking for-- and you do not have to put any text in the search box when using these.
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