Adding multiple contacts doesn't let me put in addresses

When I add contacts I used to be able to define fields (Address, city, state, ect) and put in up to 20 at a time. I can no longer do this within Constant Contact easily. I either can just put in name and email or have to do each one at a time, making the process take 10 times longer.
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I am sorry for inconvenience this has caused you, we do appreciate your feedback. In order to add that many contacts with all those fields quickly you would have to first put it in an excel spreadsheet and then import it into the system. Please keep voting on this to see changes in the future.

I must agree with this feedback.  You took something simple and made it unreasonably complicated. Why?  

Buz Mayo

P.S.  If you comment back, I fully expect this comment will be classified, "More Information Needed"

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