Allow reCAPTCHA to be removed

Please allow reCAPTCHA to be removed when integrating a sign-up form from Constant Contact.

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This is a huge problem with our customer base. We are debating on whether to remove it because selecting between a bunch of blurry images a bus vs a sidewalk is actually very difficult for a slightly older customer plus if they get one wrong the screen freezes and you have to refresh but we only have it set to once a day so we lose altogether. 

My inline sign up form using constant contact is conflicting with the load time of my website. After spending more 4 hours with experts, the culprit is RECAPTCHA. However, recaptcha is only present on my website in one place. THE INLINE SIGN UP FORM. I have deactivated it for now, but I had about 20% of my signups through that, so it is significant. The other 80% is through the pop up form, which is RECAPTCHA free. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...TAKE RECAPTCHA OFF THE SIGN UP FORM SO I CAN PUT IT BACK ON MY WEBSITE. Thank you. Tod mathis.
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