Can't upload 2013 office contacts

Are there any updates on when the QuickImport tool will be available for Outlook 2013?


Hello Stephanie,

Right now we are looking into what the next plugin will look like, it seems as of right now Microsoft is Driving Outlook to a Web Based Platform and moving away from Localized copies of Outlook. So we are not sure if developement will go towards Outlook 2013 or more towards a web based solution for the newer Microsoft products. Please keep an eye on the community for new insight and information.



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The answer is even easier.  You need to support your customers in all versions of this very popular program.  The OP is asking for support for a "currently sold" and used program in which he has a need to upload his contacts from. 


You can't start supporting a program " Outlook" and then just stop becuase it too tough to keep up with.  That really sucks for your customers.




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If Microsoft does eventually move Office strictly to the cloud it is years away. The Office desktop suite is embedded in business use. I use the Office desktop apps primarily and the Office web apps in a pinch. ALL of the Office web apps, including Outlook, are scaled back almost crippled versions of the desktop apps.


Outlook 2013 has been out for nearly two years now. It's time that Contant Contact updated the app. If you decide to go web only then go web only but please provide us with the tool.


This is totally unacceptable based on the amount of work needed to import the contacts I want to add AND the fact that supposedly in order to get the best results I have to spend even more money on training.
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