Create more than 999 contact lists

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Is it possible to enable clients to create more than 999 email lists? What can be done as this is an issue for me as I look to expand my lists. I need more!

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Hello @LanceL5 ,


Thank you for providing this feedback. At this time we do not have a way to enable specific accounts to create more than the allowed amount of lists.


Would you be able to explain to me how you use your lists and the reasoning behind needing more than 999? That way I can pass the feedback along to our engineers.

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I've hit my cap of 1,000 lists. I'm required to remove some lists in order to create new ones. Each page is set to show 100 lists at a time. My issue with the functionality of the select all toggle is that it selects all 1,000 lists instead of what's on the single page with 100 lists. Hopefully there's plans to modify the 'select all' toggle to only select what's on the one page instead of all 1,000 lists. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
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