Export gives email lists all in one field per contact

Am not happy that when you now export contacts to a file, email lists for each contact are in one field. Sorting by lists WAS a useful way to clean up and update contact database.
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Hi Gayle, Thank you for your feedback on this. I apologize that emails no longer display as separate columns. I can see the value in having that for use in cleaning up your database. Please vote on this and any other topics you would like to see implemented.
Whilst you have made improvements to Contact Management in recent months; there is still ONE BIG ISSUE - When exporting all contacts (many hundreds), your export STILL stuffs all lists that a contact is in, into just ONE field in the export file. A couple of years ago, your export actually exported the details in a very much more useful manner - with a column in the export table for each List. That was very useful. Your current export is USELESS for quickly browsing al the contacts in each list and in multiple lists. I complained about this over a year ago, and it is still not addressed - not even a reply!@!!!!
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