Go back to contact view when editing

When I'm working with contacts, sometimes I need to make changes to several contacts with the same last name. In the old contacts system there was a "back" option that would allow me to return to the previous search results...it would be nice to still be able to do that instead of having to search again once I've looked at a specific contact's screen.

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after editing my contact, no way back to previous screen...takes me back to the beginning where I have to go to my list or tag list.


When i search for a contact group and then click into a contact, there is no way to go back to the searched group.  When you do go back, it takes you to the default active contacts list.


can you provide a link on each contact to go back to the search? 

When I add a contact to our main list (formerly called the default) list, then I have to check the permission block, then scroll through all my lists to find the main/default one. It would be helpful if the main/default list could come up first. Thank you.
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can't make it work
Major navigation and management issues with your new format. How about bringing back the old way until you get things ironed out.

Trying to edit an imported list (which took forever to import) and after each edit it goes back to the very first page. Then I have to scroll to the bottom of 50 and hit the forward arrow, scroll to the bottom and hit the forward arrow again,  just to get to the page I was working on. (and why can't we get 200 per page as before?) This is a complete waste of time. Please put the page number and arrows for forward or back at the top of the page also, and make it so when you hit the browser back arrow, it goes back to where I was, not the beginning of the list. For contacts that moved companies, when I change their company, it also changed everyone else associated with that company. Another headache to have to  keep going back to edit more. I prefer it the way it was before this update.


Another thing I haven't figured out is how to have a brand new list from an imported file if it all goes in together into contacts...I can only tag the new import, but haven't been able to mail to this one group without pullling from their other contact information. Some have several email addresses and I want to send to only one of them at a time (which is the new list I imported).

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To refer back to my list:


1.  In your previous version when it came to importing a list it listed each field had a number next to it.  Example: 1. Name 2. Phone 3. Email.  Currently the system has no number next to it.  Example: Name Phone Email.  I know it's a small change, however, when it comes to training new people we have to carefully verify each field to be designated to the correct drop down option.  Where in the past I could say Field 1 is for Name, Field 2 is for Phone, Field 3 is for Email.  Or a better example being Fields 21-34 mark as Do Not Import.


2.  Thanks, it's so annoying!


3.  Why would you try and move more toward being a CRM.  Everything on your website, and the reason we use CC is because you're an email marketing company.  Even your About page says nothing of being a CRM, everything that is talked about on that page is eMarketing focused.  Sure don't get me wrong I work toward caring for each individual client, but I'm looking for a system allows me to work with as many people as possible.  I believe it's just backwards with having the contact first and the list second. I'm sure this is a much bigger discussion that ya'll are having, but my two cents is to not try and compete as a CRM.  But focus back on helping us focus on the groups we engage with.  CRM's are for dealing with individual.  I am in an individual context 95% when I use salesforce and the other 5% is running reports.  When I use CC I'm either creating emails or looking at the reports.  2% of the time I would say is spent looking at a specific individual.

1) I couldn't find any way to do it automatically other than 1 by 1 2) It resets itself back to the beginning of the alphabet every time which gets increasingly annoying as a person gets past the first few letters of the alphabet
It is very difficult to edit contacts in the lists! I am trying to make several edits (adding names to match emails) to one list, but there is no "return to list" button, so each time I have to start all over again. I have no idea why CC would make it so difficult to manage contacts now! A better solution would be to allow your customers to make edits directly in a list instead of taking them through several different windows and not allowing them to return without starting all over again.
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easy function to go return to previous page
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Would like a 'back' button on the reports page of who is viewing my emails. When I check on someone's activity by clicking on their name, I cannot return to the original list of viewers for an individual email sent. I have to start over to scroll down to the place I left at. Can this be easily rectified? I hope so. It is just an efficiency measure. Thanks.
I'm cleaning up a mailing list and under the old system, there would be a "Back to List" link on the page where you edit individual list members. That link would take you right back to where you were working. That link is no longer available under the new system, so I have to use my browser's Back button, and it takes me to the very beginning of the list. Side note: I LOVE the new overall look of individual list members. It's easy to ready, simple to edit. Great update! Now I just want my link back. Thanks!
Hey Team, The new contact management feel much slower and harder to navigate than before. Two suggestions: 1. After doing an action like deleting a contact, the user should return to the screen he was at, not be forced to return to the front of the alphabet. 2. The navigation arrows should appear on both top and bottom of contact list. Thanks!
The new interface does not have a table-like edit for making multiple edits. In my case it is cleaning up a database entered by someone else where first and last names were entered into the first name field. Now I have to scroll down to each one then click on it to edit. What is worse is that the database doesn't return to where I just edited - it is back at the top of the database and I have to scroll all the way down again and again and again and again...

To change a screen listing of contact names, I must scroll to the bottom of a listing to find the back arrow. The previous format worked so much better. Also, the add contacts listings are too big, and it would be easier to scroll through A-Z names. Separate, extra large pages are cumbersome.

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When deleting or editing - does not take you back to where you were.
seems inefficient
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When I finish editing one name I cannot go back to the place I left off. I have to go to the beginning of the list and click thru several pages before I find it.

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Thanks for posting. Although there is no longer a back button you can use the back button on your browser while in the contact areas. When you do this you will see your search or sort options save but it will bring you back to page one.
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When I am working in email reports for a specific email, I am looking at the individuals who didn't open an email and checking their history. Once I'm in their history, it takes 4 clicks to get back to the next name. Click 1) back to email, click 2) reports, click 3) specific email, click 4) unopened list, click 5 next individual to research which blows me into CONTACTS with no back button. sooooo slowwww. grrrrr There needs to be a "back" button that takes you back ONE PAGE to wherever you came from. Clicking "back" at the browser's URL button blows me back too far as well. Please reinstate the shortcuts. THANK YOU! I also can't find how to search people I've removed for bounces, but have been given their updated addresses. Where did this list go? ALSO: I was able to export a "sent to" list, but was not able to get the "didn't open" list to export with any records. Also: how do you add people to lists when you are in an individual's contact page? We used to be able to manage all their lists and contact info in one place. I do like the new lists info and being about to copy, move, add a number of people at once. Seems easier. Great page.
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I have to use my brower's back button, and it takes me to the first list, not the list of bounces.
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Thank you SO much for the new contacts format. How EASY!!! The only problem I'm having is going BACK to a list after viewing a contact. For example: I viewed Bounced, then I viewed Did Not Open. Picked a specific person and took them off a list. Then I wanted to go back to my Did Not Open list and I was back at my Bounced list. A little confusing. Did I do something wrong? Is there an easier way?
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In the old system there was a "back" button, I don't remember if that's exactly what it was called or not, but it brought you back to the prior screen, and it was invaluable to me. Please bring it back!
I have to hit the back button twice to get back to my list of bounces instead of having the CC back button. This is cumbersome.

Please add a back arrow to the list I am adding the contact to. Right now I have to use the browser back arrow. I don't like this format at all.

I don't appreciate that every time I make a change to a contact...say around the letter J, the system brings me back to the beginning of the alphabet. Then, I have to scroll all over until I get to the J contacts. Bad, bad design. Sorry
when I delete a contact, it takes me back to the beginning of the list instead of returning to that point. Makes it difficult to have to arrow forward to where you left off.
IPW TechS-1829109072

difficult to navigate, not easy to add contact to list, when editing current contact in list, can't go back to list, have to choose list again.


When I am in the middle of a long list and have to hit back button from a detail page on one entry, it takes me back to the beginning of the list. Then I have to page forward thru multiple page to get back to where I am. VERY time consuming!

Cannot navigate as easily, cannot find how to return from drilldown back to reports...using safari at this point...frankly, the simpler approach was better.
i'm in contact reports/all contacts/an individual contact. want to go back to the prior page: All Contacts list. cannot go back to the prior page. must hit Contacts in the toolbar, go back to Active Contacts, then hit All Contacts, then to the spot on the list i was working on. there are probably other spots on the site that also need a "back to prior page" button.

It is a waste of time to go back to the beginning of the alphabet EVERY time I make a change for one person. If I am changing someone who's FIRST name (how do I alphabetize by LAST name?) and I save it....I MUST go back to the beginning and scroll back to where I was......frustrating that I can't simply go to the last page I was on.

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I like the new contact management interface EXCEPT that everytime you make a change (add a tag, delete a contact) the program sends you back to the home screen/top of the list. Then you have to manually scroll back to where you were when you were deleting, etc. It's really, really inefficient, especially if you have thousands of contacts to scroll through. PLEASE add a feature that remembers where you were or add a page feature so you can use one click to get back to your place in the list.

some aspects are good, don't like the some features
This is my second enewsletter. After the first one, I learned how to manage all my bounces, etc. and felt this was a great program. Now, I can't find anything!!! I tried to correct some email address to resend, but everytime I do something, I'm taken to a different screen and can't get back. I have deadlines and don't have a lot of time to relearn the new set up. I feel like you tried to reinvent the wheel and it has only made navigating worse. Wish you had just left things alone ... the way they were.
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Say I'm editing a specific list of contacts and I'm on page 4, for example, make an edit and hit save, and then return to contacts, the system takes me back to the complete list of contacts, not the list in which I was making edits. If I'm scrolling through all contacts, and make an edit, the system returns me to first page, not the page I was on. Finally, put a page advance feature on top. Don't make me scroll to the bottom to advance to the next page. In fact, if I know that I need to go to the "s" page, don't make me advance the page one by one by one. Let me enter the letter I want and then it "enter." Wasted time because of a user-unfriendly system is a poor design.
When in the my contacts page, you remove a contact, CC takes you back to the first page and not where the contact was. If you have a multi page list this is a very tedious process. Example: Step 1. Scroll to bottom of page to move to next page, 2. scroll down to find contact, 3. remove contact, 4 CC returns you to page 1, 5 repeat steps 1 until you arrive at the page you removed the last contact from. CC should, after removing the contact from the list return you to the spot you were at.
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After editing information for a contact, I'd like to go back to the page of contacts I was working in, rather than going back to the top of the list at "A" and having to page through again. CC used to have this feature. Please bring it back.

Very labor intensive to get from one end to the other of the contact list...please add return to page feature where you are back where you iniatiated an action!

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Hi - with the latest update, how do I easily go back to the particular sent email from its reports page? Also, how do I refresh the reports page for a particular sent email? When I hit my browser's reload button, the page is refreshed but the stats remain the same, even though the sent email page reflects an increase in opens (for instance). Thanks!
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Meaning that I can't see any way to get to the next bounce to investigate it, I have to go clear back to the description of the email to see the bounces.
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When you update a contact from somewhere in your list, you cannot get back to the place in the list where you were before! You have to go through pages and pages.....and repeat that every time!!! NOT a good set-up!
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When looking at bounce list and identifying a typo, to change the name, means that you cannot go back to where you were, and need to go back to the email, report, and then scroll through pages and pages to get back to where you were. ANOTHER example of how you have launched this without it being ready.
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Once inside the contact details, there is no back button to take you where you were. So, have to click browser's back button, which takes you to 1st page of contact list. Then you have to scroll through pages to find where you were... not to mention remember where you were.
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i like the old format. this one is hard to navigate back to contacts once i'm in a contact. plus, doesn't show activity like if an email got bounced or non-existent address, just shows what email i sent. not sure this update was an improvement.
Doing multiple edits to contacts is very user unfriendly. It always takes you back to active contacts whether you are working on a list or not. If you have multiple pages you are always going back to the first page and than having to page through to each page and than searching down through list. How about adding a feature where you can at least check a group of contacts (with the check box) and than choose them for edit, and than allowing us to edit the whole group selected before returning to main screens.
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When I use the back button on the browser it takes me back to the beginning of the contacts, not the page I was on.  Next contact buttons are needed to easily get to the next contact to edit.


This is taking way too long to edit.  Should have been an easy option for seeing who was opening email.


I am having to wait for pages to load every time.  With the loading square almost every time.  Have had to refresh several times.

Used to be able to get back to list you were looking at when you opened an individuals info. Now you can't return to that list.
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This is a painful long process to delete contacts. I delete one or two contacts from a page and it takes me back to page one and then I have to scroll to the bottom of the page and arrow to the page I now need to select contacts on ....ugh. Is there a faster way?
I am editing my entire list of contact and every time I delete from one page it reverts back to the first page (start of alphabet) and i have to spend time finding where I was editing the list.
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