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I have gotten feedback from many of my coworkers (who visit our website often) and we feel it would be a great addition to have a check box "don't show to me again" on our "sign up pop-up. It seems like a pretty common thing you see these days. Do we see that being an option here in the future? Am I missing a way to do that currently?
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @IreneJ8, thanks for the feedback! I've opened this idea up for voting so other people can share their interest and comments on this idea. We'll definitely be looking into ways to make this easier for users to hide when they don't want to signup. As of right now, users can click the "X" to close the popup which should hide the form during their visit on the website. If they clear their cookies or access the website from another webpage, the popup would likely show itself again. 


I think even better than a checkbox that says "don't show to me again" would be that the popup has code that once a person signs up it doesn't come up on their IP address anymore. I don't want to annoy people that frequently check events on my site but I am tying to elevate my subscribers. So a "don't show this to me again might be preferable to One-time only. 


If I chose One-time Only for frequency, should I have an in-line form as well? 

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