Revealing Unsubscribes Fixed, Thank You!

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Thanks so much for finally giving us back the ability to see who has been unsubscribed from a list we upload. For the last two or three years, we've simply been notified that 10 contacts were not added because they had previously unsubscribed. We used to be able to click on that information and see a list of those not receiving the email.


Now, we seem to have the ability to see unsubscribes again, so THANK YOU!!!! I've been asking for this feature to return for years now, and I'm so happy it's back.

Just wanted to say I REALLY appreciate the new option to download unsubscribed contacts immediately after uploading a list. It is very helpful. Kris Berggren Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative
Frequent Participant
I have missed the ability to export unsubscribers when a list is uploaded, so I'm really glad to see it back. I can simply export that list anytime a list is uploaded and send those names to the appropriate department for direct contact. I hope the next fix is making the tag export function work better. I have not been able to export from a tagged item if the list has more than just a few names. Thank you.
Wow, Constant Contact, you made an improvement! You now allow us to see who we are trying to upload, who had previously unsubscribed. That is wonderful progress - a feature you took away a year or more ago and have finally given back. Thank you and congratulations!!!! The next step is to give us back the ability to see the unsubscribe reason in a chronological list of unsubscribes, so that we don't have to download and re-download and re-download the unsubs for each of the dozens of emails we send each month. Go, reach for the stars!

Thanks for your feedback! We're happy to hear you love this new feature. A lot of the features we work on are a direct result of customer feedback so keep it coming!


Samara Yohai

Product Manager- Contacts team

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