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It would be nice if I could just select the 50 emails that appear on the page to delete and unsubscribe, rather than having to select them individually so not all of them are deleted. Also, it would be nice to not have to scroll through the pages but give the option to go to a certain page (like page 1).

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Hi @KatieM816. There is a select all option on the Contacts page located next to the Email Address column. Are you not finding this in your account?  




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Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, it does have that function, but that deletes the entire list of email addresses, correct? I just wanted an option to delete those showing on one page.


Thank you for pointing this out! The "Select All" option does select all contacts in a selected status or list, not by page. We've escalated this to our Product teams. The post will show as "voting open" but this allows us to update the post easily if there are any changes.

With the new way of showing contacts I realized we have at least 400 contacts without emails that need to be deleted. I couldn't find a way to mark the ones on the screen by 50's all at once. If I click the check mark on the top, it selects my entire list of contacts. Then I have to click 400 times to delete those contacts. Not very productive.
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Hi @BarbeaT thank you for sharing this feedback with us! When working in your contacts are you unable to select all contacts on your page through this select all check box?



I have the same issue. If you check the box it selects ALL contacts not just the ones that are currently displayed on the page. Is there another way to select JUST the ones that are visible on the page without having to check each individual box?


it would be so nice if when looking at a list (for example the least engaged) if I could just select the 50 it's showing. I often want to keep the more recent ones from 2021, but it is tedious to click each one separately. (if this is an option already, please let me know how) I know with gmail, you can click the box at the top and it only selects the 50 showing. When I click the one on this site, it highlights all 6000 contacts. Thanks so much!!!
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Can you remove this or create the option to hide it? thanks.
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