Still shows ") clicks" when I click on the link that says that I have 19 click-throughs.

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I have to use the link in the summary above to see who clicked through.

Hi George,

Thanks for your feedback on this. I want to clarify, when you click the number on the reporting screen, this number represents the # of people who have clicked links in your email. For example:


6-21-2013 12-48-07 PM.jpg

Here I clicked the number "4" on my Email >Reports page under my "Clicks". This means that 4 people clicked the links in my emails. On the next screen I see that I had 13 unique clicks because of those 4 people, they clicked more than one link. There were a total of 13 clicks on the links. 


To see the detail for who clicked each link you can click the blue hyperlinked number next to each link.


Hope this helps to clarify this. Please continue to vote if you would like to see the click information in a similar summary fashion that was available before.



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Another confusion point. In looking at list of people who 'clicked through' to watch the video I sent... One number says "2 Unique Clicks". But the number in the body of the report says, "8 Unique Clicks" and the list confirms the 2nd number. Why the discrepancy? Just so you know... this does not look good. Thx Buz Mayo
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