Strongly dislike user interface for adding contacts

I am not one to slam or rip software changes. I have worked in the software consulting industry since 1983. I understand change. Having said that, I hate most of the changes w/ the new interface. I have responded on several other "changes" at earlier times. This time I have to say that the old interface was more intuitive. Much easier. Who is piloting this ship? Buz Mayo
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Once again, because some nerdy programmers needed job security, we, the users and customers of your website, have to waste our time leaning where you put this button or that link.   All I'm trying to do is add names to a list and I can't figure out how to do it anymore.


I hate your software.  I hate it so much every time you waste my time.  The people who decided to do this need to be fired.


I am sorry for the difficulties you are having with the new system.  There are multiple ways you can do this depending on what information you are trying to add to a contact and how many.  If you are planning on just adding one contact with detailed information you go click on the contacts tab then in the top right click the "add contacts" dropdown and select "add a contact".  After you fill out all the information you want next to the email address check off permission to send then you will be able to select a list right below it.  If you would like to add multiple contacts with the option to add first and last name with pasting them in select the "add names and emails" from the "add contacts" dropdown.  After you add the emails in here and click continue it will ask for permission to send and then which list to add it to on the same page.  If you want multiple emails with a lot of detailed information you would have to select "add from a file" from the "add contacts" drop down.  In this flow there will be one step in the process that will be for adding permission to send and add to a list.  Anytime adding a contact when entering the email address either on that page or the next you will have to check a permission to send checkbox, when you do that there will be a list selection section next to it in all methods.  I hope this was helpful, please let me know if you want me to clarify more for you!

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Very difficult and time consuming. Put it back the way it was please
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