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The first (and sometimes 2nd and 3rd) time we click the number of "unique clicks" to view who is actually clicking our campaign links, the results come back as zero. After clicking several times, we can see the results. Results should load the first time.
Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback @GlenW,


Sorry to hear your click results aren't loading as expected.  To make sure I understand properly-- you are seeing a # of unique clicks (let's say 6 clicks) and then when you click on that number 6 you are brought to a page that doesn't have any of the email addresses listed?

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

This was a known issue we discovered where the reporting number would change randomly when refreshing the page. This has been fixed and should no longer be occurring. If you are still having trouble, please create a new post with the details you're seeing.

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