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The Update Profile link should go directly to the form. Forcing the user to click on another email complicates it and increases possibility of not getting the information.
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I just clicked on 3 different "Update Profile" from different vendors, and they all went directly to a Preference page. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Great Feedback @GlobalLymeAlliance,


I'm opening this up so our other customers have a chance to vote on it!


Had the exact same thought. Please fix this!! 

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Has this been fixed?  I think updating the profile should be a one step process for the user - having an extra email in the process is annoying.

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When a subscriber clicks the link to update his profile the user is taken to a page when he clicks submit to receive an email with instructions to update his preferences. This is crap. You have to wait 10 minutes to receive this email and then you receive a link where you can select which lists you would like to be on. Even worse the first link in unsubscribe from all, which should be at the bottom of the list. Why can the person not be taken to this preferences page in the first place? Your competitors offer this one stop updating. Thanks
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This! Please!!

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Any progress on this?  The whole 2 step process to update a profile is so archaic and annoying enough so that it will probably be a deal breaker when our current payment period is up.


Hi @DanetteM0. I don't have any updates to share at this time and this thread is still open for feedback and comments. Since the first post, we have included messaging indicating that a contact who wishes to update their profile will receive an email with further instructions. The additional step of receiving an email was included due to cases of campaigns being forwarded and the recipient changing profile information of the contact who was the original recipient of the campaign. This step prevents these changes from happening as the Update Profile email goes to the original contact, not the person who received the forwarded email.


I can understand how you would like to have this process be smoother and I've made sure to note your feedback. 

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