in contacts activity could I get more web client information?

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Would it be possible to get standard web server log information such as client ip address, and client user agent in the columns of the activity report?
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Please understand that the data you are requesting is not data that is maintained or cataloged by Constant Contact under the normal course of business. Nor is this information accessible to individuals that service and support the accounts.  Rather, Constant Contact needs to employ engineering resources to locate log files from many different servers and databases in order to obtain the necessary data.


Like most internet service providers (ISPs) and software as a service (SaaS) companies, Constant Contact asks that a Subpoena be served in order to produce this data.  In this case a Doe Subpoena would be acceptable.  This standard legal process ensures our data production is complete, accurate, and faithful to the legal requirements set forth. 


Once we are properly served, Constant Contact is generally amenable to data production for courts, law enforcement authorities and/or third party legal entities.  Constant Contact will work expeditiously to obtain and produce the information you are looking for.


Please feel free to contact our Legal Team should you have further questions.

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