Customer Spotlight: New England Outdoor Center


Customer name: New England Outdoor Center


How long they’ve been a customer: 14 years


Fun fact: Among their many offerings, the NEOC hosts annual photography workshops during peak moose viewing season.


Where you can find them:





neoc_logo.pngMatthew Polstein's journey with the New England Outdoor Center (NEOC) began as a daring leap during his college years when he convinced his parents to let him pause his studies to start a whitewater rafting business in Maine. Little did he know, this venture would blossom into a thriving hospitality empire over the next 42 years, expanding to include 21 houses, a microbrewery, a pizzeria, and an event center.


The transition from a simple rafting business to a comprehensive resort didn't come without its challenges. Initially, NEOC relied on printed mailers for marketing, which proved both costly and time-consuming. The shift to digital marketing, particularly email marketing through Constant Contact, marked a significant turning point. "We had always struggled for space to pick what's important to show and how you're gonna show it. With email now, we can pack a lot more information into something without overwhelming people," Matthew explains. This new strategy allowed them to effectively communicate with different segments of their audience, from current guests to potential new visitors and even job seekers.


Matthew Polstein of NEOCMatthew Polstein of NEOC

Tallie Martin, NEOC’s Marketing Manager, has played a crucial role in crafting engaging content using the customizable email templates provided by Constant Contact. "Templates are nice because they’re similar to how AI helps us; it gets the creative juices flowing. I can just drop a different color and change the background pattern and move stuff up and down.”


Through these efforts, NEOC has not only managed to stabilize their operations but also foster lasting connections with their customers, driving growth even during the off-season. Their email marketing strategy has proven effective, with Matt proudly noting, "We've watched the statistics of who opens and digs deep into our e-mailings and we know that bookings are generated after we do an email. We wouldn't keep doing it if it wasn't generating real dollars on the revenue side, and it is."


As NEOC continues to expand its reach, particularly with the opening of a new event space aimed at attracting wedding celebrations in 2023, the future looks bright. With a solid foundation built on innovative marketing strategies and a deep understanding of their audience, NEOC is set to continue sharing their little slice of paradise with many more visitors for years to come.


Want to bring your subscribers along for your adventures? Here’s what NEOC packs in their marketing backpack:


  • Contact and email segmentation: NEOC specifically tailors their content to different audiences, like nature lovers in summer and snowmobilers in winter.
  • Drag and drop email templates: Using Constant Contact’s templates, NEOC’s Marketing Manager, Tallie Martin, crafts engaging emails. "[Templates] are nice because they’re similar to how AI helps us; it gets the creative juices flowing," she says.
  • List growth tools: NEOC works to constantly build their subscriber list, ensuring ongoing engagement. "Our email list has always been important to us," Matt explains.
  • Reporting and analytics: The center utilizes heat map data to refine email layouts and calls to action based on how customers interact with content.


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