How Real Estate Agents Quickly Start Email Marketing

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How Real Estate Agents Quickly Start Email Marketing



Gold in your Database


Have you ever grabbed your favorite jacket on your way to work, slid your hand into the pocket and pulled out some forgotten cash? Just ‘found money’ that was sitting there waiting for you, all you had to do was reach out?


It’s an amazing feeling and one real estate agents are having everyday as they discover the ‘found money’ in their databases through email marketing.


I’m Emailing my Leads Already, What Else Can I Do?


Real estate pro’s need to be sending out two different kinds of emails.


The first is “transactional”. These emails are sent to individual clients, usually through Gmail, Outlook or your CRM, and are taking care of direct business. They could be responding to a lead, setting up an appointment, informing about the transaction, congratulating at close, any and all of the things a good agent communicates to their client.


The second kind of email is a “broadcast” email. These emails are often simple yet engaging, with content that builds a relationship with the audience to build your personal brand. Real estate agents will often send market updates, personal stories, homeowner tips but also recipes, restaurant reviews and book recommendations.


Content that is professional, yet allows the reader to make a personal connection.


These “broadcast” emails are often overlooked by agents. But when they’re sent out weekly or bi-weekly to your database, they can create deals almost as easily as reaching your hand into your jacket pocket.


If It’s So Easy, Why Aren’t All Agents Doing It?


Simple, it takes patience and persistence. And a lot of agents don’t have either. In fact those agents usually make up the 87% of agents who give up the profession within the first five years.


On the other side of the coin are agents who get distracted by the newest and flashiest thing out there. There’s always a new social platform (TikTok, Instagram or hey, remember Clubhouse?). They’d rather invest time and energy and hope to make it big instantly.


They miss the fact that for most leads, email is the lead’s most used app. 91% of people check email daily. And because the people you're emailing had to actually give you their email address, and not just tap a “follow” button, people receiving your email are more engaged and welcoming to your message.


Now it’s just up to you to start setting up your newsletter and sending out a beautiful personally branded email to keep you top of mind with your contacts and sow seeds for future deals.


OK, How?


First you’ll need a list. And chances are you already have one. Either on your phone in the contacts app, or in your CRM.


This list is all your contacts, clients, leads, vendors, friends, family, all just sitting there waiting to hear from you.

So how do you take your list, and make it an email newsletter list?


First, sign up for Constant Contact here. Using Constant Contact will make creating and sending beautiful emails with your personal branding something you can do every week with just 15 minutes of work.


Once you have your Constant Contact account, the next step is to get your contacts into Constant Contact. And wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to do this once? If every new contact you add to your phone or CRM in the future would also be automatically added to your Constant Contact?


Yes it would. That is where API Nation comes in. Using the ongoing Syncs to Constant Contact available at, you can create a bridge from your CRM or phone to Constant Contact that will send over all your contacts, including any you add in the future!


If you need any help setting up your Sync into Constant Contact, simply reach out to API Nation or watch one of these helpful guided walkthroughs.


Where Do I Go From Here?


Now it’s just a matter of consistently sending out your email. Constant Contact has some great resources to get started and brainstorm content to send out.


Do remain patient. Much like the drip campaigns you often will send to leads, these little marketing messages can take months of consistency to see results.


Don’t overthink it. Just imagine writing a story or sending an update to a single person when drafting your content, that will give it a more personal and authentic feel, and can take a lot of the stage fright away.

And don’t forget, these deals are just sitting there, 'found money' in your pocket, waiting for you to grab them. So reach out.


Constant Contact and ApiNation have partnered together to share content that benefits Constant Contact users with their online marketing. 


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