How To Engage Your Audience and Grow Loyalty with Nift


For a business to grow, it needs customers. Loyal customers. A healthy customer base creates a strong foundation to accelerate that growth. Positive word-of-mouth is a huge deal that encourages prospective clientele to take notice of your brand.


That said, there are a lot of things vying for your audience’s attention. How do you rise above the rest, attract their focus and keep them coming back for more?


How to engage your audience


Frankly, I like to go right to the experts themselves - our fellow Constant Contact users! For some customers, it’s creating the flashiest, picture-perfect email. For others, it’s about highlighting additional incentives to get them back in the door (literal or digital). 


As I mentioned above; once you have excited your base, utilize those happy customers to act as organic outreach. The goal isn’t to force the narrative, but create incentives that are hard to ignore and get people talking. Do you share your email campaigns on social media? Do you create opportunities for your customers to forward your work to their peers? 


Every year is filled with opportunities to re-engage with your contacts. Use email marketing to recognize anniversaries , such as birthdays or the first time they signed up to your mailing list, and give your most engaged contacts exclusive content. If the exclusive content is truly appealing, it might not stay exclusive for long because they might tell their friends about it! Think of it this way; your business has a gate, but prospective customers can see through it to the realm of opportunity beyond, and you’ve done your best to show where you’ve hidden the key (underneath the little turtle statue, of course). 


Connect with Nift card-logo-medium-w-shadow@3x.png


Incentives are a huge way to draw attention to your brand and keep customers coming back. Constant Contact has partnered with Nift to help you capture new contacts and turn them into loyal customers by giving you the power to offer Nift gift cards through our Lead Generation Landing Pages!


If you don’t have a Nift account, we will create one for you with your Constant Contact credentials.

Nift is great because you can only gain by using their service. A prospective contact that likes your business, but might be on the fence with joining the mailing list, could be swayed by the potential gift. Plus, the new contact can select which categories of business (restaurants, athletics, etc.) interests them and Nift will give them the best two of the bunch. Nift works with over 9,000 businesses and will even try to match the recipient with local options!


Offering gift cards to your new sign-ups is great, but it is designed to encourage loyalty, not cement it. What happens after the contact gets their free gift card and redeems it? Keep them engaged by following up on their experience. Use segmentation to put them in an automated email series that keeps them involved with your business in the short-term while you work on your latest and greatest promotion or business move. The goal is to keep your business top of mind so when the contact hopefully needs your goods or services again, they will come to you. On top of that, Nift gift cards can work well to show appreciation for long-time customers when sending out anniversary or birthday campaigns.

Still curious how Nift works? Read our overview for all the frequently asked questions and learn how to connect your Constant Contact account to Nift and build your loyalty program today!


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