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Imagine this: You are busy with the hundreds of details involved in running your business, and you realize your email campaign still needs to go out. You’re frazzled, short on time, and don’t know how you’ll get this done in time. You log into your Constant Contact account, and there it is - a professionally-designed email template with all your branding, contact information, and social links in place. Make a copy, add your content, and send it out. Kick back, relax with a cup of coffee or tea and take a breath.


Ad.c999ad0b91e8255d6ad15fd4fb41e05d.jpgIt's important to make a copy of the original template the Professional Services team designed for you.


premium_sample_community.pngThat’s what our Premium Design service is all about. You. We want to make it easy for you! You can

have a phone conversation with your dedicated designer before the work begins to ensure your designer understands what you’re looking for, or complete the form and add any files, such as your logo and branding information. You also have the option of two rounds of revisions to get the details just right! After all, you've worked hard on your company's brand and want it reflected in your marketing!


Our Premium Templates have 30 unique blocks you won’t find in our regular email editor such as

 non-stacking blocks, testimonial quotes, and transparent backgrounds. Our designers have experience in branding, marketing, and email best practices to ensure your readers will take action!


Are you looking for even more? We have add-ons (for an additional fee), such as adding content you provide or creating content for you! We can do custom images, custom animations, custom logos, additional templates, and more! Need it fast? Put a rush on it and have the first draft in 24 hours!

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