Employee Spotlight: Steven N.



Employee Spotlight is a new recurring monthly feature on the Community where we put a face to the hard-working and dedicated employees that make Constant Contact what it is!


Steven is a Personal Marketing Advisor who has been part of Constant Contact for five years. We want to highlight Steven for all the great work he does. His manager had this to say, "Steven goes above and beyond for the customers that he coaches, is always trying to find innovative ways to help them, and has an enthusiasm that makes our customers trust him and his guidance." 


Can't argue with that. Let's meet Steve!


What do you do at Constant Contact?

Marketing Advisor - from logging in for the first time to lead funnels, to five-year social media plans, and more, since small businesses do it all!


"When I'm not working, you can find me..."

Being the most excited NERD anywhere.


What's something non-work-related that you're proud of accomplishing in the last year or so?

Developing an 11,000 page series of D&D books that work in 148+ book series hosted entirely online with its own wiki, YouTube channel, Discord, etc. I've learned everything from video creation with fully narrated character cutscenes to how to manage the models, databases, etc. All online and hosting it privately!


What's your favorite small business?

Haunted Game Cafe in Fort Collins - since I'm a colossal Magic the Gathering nerd I've got to support my local card shop!


What's your go-to GIF or meme?



If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

My personal super power of choice is flying! I would woosh from coast to coast for cardio.


What's the best thing about being part of Team Constant Contact?

The brilliant, witty, funny and delightful Marketing Advisors I get to learn from every day (and humble shoutout to the awesome swag).


What is your favorite Constant Contact product or feature?

The email editor! I've seen it grow into the massive tool it is today and the ease that comes with it is a win every time I walk a client through it! The blocks you can use, the drag and drop, and the straightforward toolbar is what makes it great!


What is your favorite piece of advice to share with customers?

Plan ahead using the Calendar view! You can set up an entire year's worth of marketing ideas then using the AI tools, fill those ideas with content to send out in a flash!


Do you have a favorite moment you can think of working with a customer?

My favorite moment was having someone come into the program with amazing writing skills, but no idea what to do with it. After coaching and teaching them through the program, they now have their first book published! While on a call they got choked up about how it feels like "having a legacy now.!" I even got a signed copy sent to me in the mail!


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