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Release Notes: March 2022


We're saying goodbye to March (hopefully cold weather too) and hello to new account features. Read on to find out what was new in your Constant Contact account during the month of March.


Product Updates

  • Reset secondary Multi-Factor Authentication factor - Have you set up multi-factor authentication for your account, but need to update your secondary factor? Now you can reset your factors right from your My Account section without needing to contact Support.
    Note: Resetting is only available for the secondary method, not the primary factor. If you only have one factor, you cannot reset this from within the account and must call our Support team.

  • Ability to sort Campaigns by Date ScheduledWhen viewing all of your campaigns on the Campaigns List View, you can now sort them by Date Scheduled to help you find the campaign you're looking for. 
  • Exporting from Canva into your Constant Contact image libraryIf you use Canva to create graphics and images, you can now easily export them into your Constant Contact Library for you to use later in your campaigns, including emails, social posts, and landing pages.



  • WooCommerce Product Block in the Cross-Device editor - If you sell products through a WooCommerce store, you’ll be able to promote your goods to your customers with any email created through the Cross-Device editor. By dragging a product action block into your email you will easily be able to choose any product you would like displayed as a new way to promote items in your store.

  • New Social Follow icons - This is my personal favorite as an avid social media user. When adding a Social Follow block in the Cross-Device editor, you can now choose TikTok, Google My Business, and Snapchat.

You found it, we fixed it!

  • Verified Email Addresses Not in Alphabetical Order - On the scheduling page in the Cross-Device editor, From and Reply addresses would not show in alphabetical order. Not easy if you have many verified addresses! We've corrected this for the emails to display alphabetically.


Need support help? Looking to submit a feature request that you are not seeing in this article? We ask you to post on our Get Help board (for product support) or our Feedback forums if you are not seeing something mentioned here. This way, we can address your needs faster.


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