Release Notes: Summer 2022


Ah, summer. A season full of sunshine, warm weather, and hopefully going outside to enjoy both. We're celebrating some fresh-off-the-grill feature releases and updates to our product and getting rid of some nasty, bugs you find annoying while working in your account.


Product Updates: 


Mobile app video block - You need to send an email out and are using our mobile app to create an email. But there's a video you really want to share. No fear! We added a video block to the mobile editor. Plug in a URL for the video and you're ready to go. You can even share videos from Vimeo if you have integrated your Vimeo account with Constant Contact.




Posting multiple images to Instagram - They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if you create a social post to share on Instagram, you can share up to ten photos in a post. That's a lot of words!


Renaming a social post - When creating a new social post, we create a default name behind the scenes (similar to when you create a new email campaign). After the post is live on social media, you can rename the social post to something more relevant to your business. 


Delete a user - Previously, deactivating a user didn't necessarily mean they would be deleted from the account. For businesses with any kind of turnover, that screen was a hassle to try to navigate! You can now delete deactivated users from your account to keep things nice and tidy.


You found it, we fixed it!


Issues with button text in the cross-platform editor - Some buttons were pulling in   for spaces and & when adding an "&" symbol. That doesn't look good. Bug smashed.


Unable to change the start or end date of an event past 12/31/2022 - We are in the works of creating a brand new Event tool (no date to share just yet) but in the meantime, our legacy event tool is still available to use. However, you couldn't schedule a date past the end of 2022 when creating a new event. We have extended the end date to June 2023. Keep an eye out in accounts for any news we're ready to share for the new Event tool!




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