Allow registrants to cancel or edit their registration

Please provide functionality for registrants to edit thier own registrations after they have submitted them. IT is time consuming to handle that task on an administrative end and most guests don't make the effort to email me to do it for them.

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Sure would be nice if it were easier to add an item to an existing registration. We have had several people who registered for our event and then later wanted to add a group dinner ticket or a workshop. I have to cancel their registration and then re-register them. Too much work, there should be an easier way to edit.
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We run very large events and sometimes attendants buy tickets and want to buy more later.  Currently Event Spot doesn't allow users to buy more tickets after the first purchase if they are using the same email.  That's a huge flaw.  The buyer goes through the process and gets denied if they've already purchased simply because they are using the same email? Please please please fix this.  The software is excellent otherwise and we would hate to be forced to look elsewhere.   


Otherwise we totally love Constant Contact.  It's wonderful for our charity.  We've recommended it to many businesses and everyone loves it.  


Hi LisaW024!


Thanks for the suggestion and for the positive feedback and recommendations on the EventSpot product. We really appreciate it!

This is a limitation at this time as the email addresses are used to track the unique registrations and payments for each contact. But our developers are definitely looking into all this as this is a popular request. Hopefully we get to implement this soon but right now, no estimated time as to when.  Please keep voting for this and any other features you want to see. Thanks again!


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Has anyone found any workarounds for this? This is becoming a significant issue for our event. Any workarounds would be helpful.

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It ought to be easier for the Admin of the event to change the details for a registrant. For example, if a registrant discovers they are unable to come to the event on the date they signed up for and they need to change the date, an entire cancel/re-registration cycle has to begin. It should be easier than 2 full transactions just to change ONE parameter.


I have asked for all these items since the Event Marketing product was launched!


1) Administrators should be able to add registrants through a back-end feature, and not have to go through the client-side registration. This should be as easy as entering data into a spreadsheet, with multiple columns that can be quickly selected (Paid, registered, etc.)

2) Administrators need to be able to enter notes into the registrants' files. If someone needs special services, if they will need to arrive late, if they are bringing a friend, etc. etc.

3) Adminstrators should be able to add guests into a registrant's record. We get people who call in to add a "plus one" or "Plus two" all the time.

4) Administrators should be able to enter VIPs, Speakers, etc. without having to make up email addresses. We need them in there for food and seat counts, name bagdes, etc. If they get an email telling them they are registered, it often causes confusion.

5) Administrators should be able to enter people who pay on-site, by phone, or who are comps, without making up an access code and entering it. When I have to make that workaround of an access code that says, "PAID_PHONE" it gets emailed in the confirmation to the registrant, and then I have to make new access codes for the next function so that people don't test that access code in the future. Likewise, access codes shouldn't be listed on confirmation emails....

6) Payment pending: when the payment arrives, I should be able to mark if it was made by check, cash, etc.

Administrators should be able to add information into a individual's registration details. I just received a call from someone who has special dietary needs. Also, I have someone else who will need a special listening device for this event. It would be beneficial to have all this information in one place when I download the registrant list.
People change their mind about activities and want to add or remove activities from their registration. Need to be able to do this - and also, the user needs to be able to do it.
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It is bothersome both to our members and to the person responsible for the sign-on list that the member is unable to come on line to change their response parameters, such as the number of persons in their party or the number of Fish entrees desired, etc. Can this capability be enabled??
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It would be good to be able to edit the payment field on an abandoned registration. A person accidentally signed up for a table price. I wanted to change it to a single ticket but could not without completely deleting and starting over again.
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Several people have purchased tables without listing their guests. So a table for 10 shows as 1 guest. I thought that we could edit registrations to add the guest's names that they submitted to us later. I was told today that this is not possible, so we are running blind as to how many people will attend our event without keeping a separate excel sheet. Also, every new download from your site messes up our excel sheet. This is very disappointing. I sold this to my team for the ability to have the best information available to everyone by looking at our account at Constant Contact. Now we have to do what I was hoping to avoid - emailing excel sheets to each other. So now to update I guess we have to enter everyone by hand in our own excel sheet. Very disappointing!
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One of our registrants accidentally entered 1 guest. We cannot delete the guest so our count is off. I was told that the only way to get rid of the guest is to cancel the registration including payment and register and pay again. This is ridiculous! Please fix this right away!
I keep running into people who abandon their registration because they came to the pay with cc but don't realize that they can go BACK and check pay with check. Then they show up to the event and we don't have them on the list. So, now I have to email them and beg them to tell me whether they wanted to come or not. First of all, the BACK KEY is not highlighted so it does not look like an option they can choose. Secondly, I have people that register their name only and not choose what they want to attend from the list given. PLEASE have a prompt that will not let them get past this point unless they choose something.
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There needs to be a function to "fake extend" the actual date of any event for the admin person.  This is needed to allow time to input any walk ins the day of the event.  It looks too odd to schedule an event that looks like it runs for a month, so for every event, I have to remember to extend it past the actual day ON the day of the event.  This is not always easy to do on a busy event day.


So, it would be great to have a function that is seen only by admin, and not the public.  I understand this is in the pipeline to be created.  I did mention this idea a few months back as well.

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Which pipeline is it in?  I know they most frequently use that one that goes out to Neptune and back.  Hopefully they're using the one that only goes to Mars.



There should be a cut off TIME for when registration closes. it looks like you can only close registration at the end of a day but not in the middle of a day.
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It would be great to be able to add participants to the registration list once an event is completed. We had three walk ins to our event today and I would love to include them but there is no way to simply do this. I now have an inaccurate list of participants in my training. Hope this gets done!! Thanks....
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Please! give us the ability to edit the registrant, the number of tickets, or change things in the registration. It is VERY frustrating to have to delete, and then re-register someone.

Well folks — it's been THREE YEARS since this thread was started, requesting the ability to add items to an existing event registration.  Three years ago, your tech team was looking into this "popular request."  In three years, have you found a solution? 

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Hi there,

I was wondering if any of the suggestions were implemented as yet? Here are the ones in particular that I needed::


  • Bulk upload of guests
  • Registration without email address
  • Ability for guests to edit registrations after submission
  • More than one invite for the same event - need to collect extra data only for some guests
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We have a lot of repeat registrants.  It would make ticket buying way easier if they didn't have to re-enter all their base information every time they go to buy a ticket.  This also helps us keep track of buying trends.


Would be great to be able to change the registration status. Sometimes folks register at one level but need to change to a different level and we need to show the correct level.
When someone changes their reso for example increases or decreases numbers, clients should be able to manage their own changes without cancelling then having to resubmit the entry.


When a customer is registering for an event it is automatically counting the purchaser as an attendee and then it says guest information and has a drop down where "0" is the default selection. This is very confusing and we have had multiple people accidentally order 1 additional ticket for the event due to them thinking they are selecting the total guests on the drop down. This should be fixed. Just let the purchaser select the total amount of attendees they are purchasing. Also when we have to go refund them through paypal there is then no way for us or constant contact to adjust the registered guest count in the dashboard! REALLY?
We have a person who registered with a guest, we need to cancel the guest and do a partial refund, there is no way to do this currently.
Status changed to: Voting Open
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We run a concert series, for which we use Constant Contact to sell advance tickets.  The structure you use for this process is clumsy for the purchaser.  I'll give you three examples.

  1. If someone wants to buy 4 tickets, he has to register himself, and then add three guests.  Why can't he just buy 4 tickets.  The terms "register" and "guest" are not appropriate for someone buying tickets, and are confusing to first-time purchasers.  I'm continually getting calls from people who don't understand that, or buy one too many tickets.  Why not just put in a field for quantity, and be done with it.
  2. A purchaser cannot buy additional tickets to an existing order.  He must instead place a new order, and with a different email address.  That's clumsy, non-intuitive, and user-hostile.
  3. We close down advance ticket sales at midnight the night before the event so we have time to relay the advance sales info to our on-site staff.  If someone tries to buy a ticket on the day of the event, he receives a message that "Registration is closed".  Again there's that inappropriate term "registration".  And people interpret that message to mean that the concert is sold out.  Please allow us to edit that message to something more informative like, "Advance sales close at midnight the day before the event.  But there are probably tickets available at the door.  For further information go to ....."

And no, don't send me to EventBrite or one of those other services..  They charge a hefty fee compared with our $10.00 ticket price.


Mike Agranoff

Troubadour Concerts Program Chairman

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Sorry folks.  I thought these suggestions were going to CC's design team.  Not to a community forum.  Not much anyone of you can do about this.  Never mind.


Mike Agranoff.

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Hello, It would be great if there was a way to edit the amount of tickets purchased rather than having to cancel all tickets and repurchase. For example, we have customers buy 4 tickets and change their ticket count to 2 tickets. Right now the only option is to cancel all tickets and reenter them.
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Would like to have the event registration notification email that is sent to attendee to include an option for them to be able to cancel/modify on their own. If this is already available, I'm not seeing it.
I am extremely frustrated by the limitations of Constant Contact. 1. I cannot go in and register someone for my event without using the public facing link and completing all information. I should be able to do this from the back end and include the information I want/need to include. 2. Once someone is registered and paid for the event, I can't go in and add additional tickets to their registration so I have to go in, cancel the registration, refund their money and process a new registration. 3. I'm trying to update a registered user's email address and it won't let me. It gives me an error message and says the address is already in use.
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After an event registration is submitted, registrants should have the ability to make changes or edit their registration details online, e.g., add or change guests or edit other responses to Customize Registration Form fields/questions. This could be accomplished by including a link within the Registration Notifications email that points to the registrant's completed registration form. This is a common function of all event manager applications. There should be no need for registrants to contact the event administrator to make changes while registration is active (prior to the event registration begin closed).

Has this seriously not been addressed for almost a decade??

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