Autoresponder email resent to contact that updates email address

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My client runs a networking group with a master list of Members who receive a series of emails when they are added to the list. This is highly convenient and ensures that nobody misses any of the important steps for getting their membership started. However, whenever a member needs to update their contact info or be re-added to the list for whatever reason, there is no way to avoid sending them the associated autoresponder. It is embarrassing and unprofessional when a member who has been with us for several years receives a series of automated emails "welcoming" them to our group. There should be a way to pause an autoresponder campaign, add contacts, and then reactivate the series without triggering the autoresponder again. We also have a main list of Prospects and I'm always running into the same problem. It just seems like I can't be the only one who thinks this is silly. I hope you're looking into providing a way to do this.

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This is great feedback! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. 

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