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When creating surveys, campaigns etc, it can be confusing for most people outside the US when the date is in US format ie mm/dd/yyyy. I think it would be very professional for your non-US customers, of which I imagine you have many, that you change the format according to their location. UK customers, and most of Europe is accustomed to the dd/mm/yyyy format, and this is particularly important around the middle months of the year where a date of 6/5/15 is 5th June in the US but is 6th May in most non-US countries.


Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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We would like this to be arranged please as the curernt format does not work for us when dropping a link into a work calendar in Australia. We need it to be dd/mm/yyyy


Hi I would like to suggest the option to have a UK date format (DD/MM/YYYY) as when I add this in from my excel data it defaults to US version (MM/DD/YYY) even if I type the date as 13 April 2017 it defaults back to US 4/13/2017 which has been causing a lot of confusion with my contacts, (even after adding a note to say US date format displays as MM/DD/YYY) and after calling support the only work around is to type seperate columns for day, month and year. This will be a tedious task to complete on a regular basis and would be much easier if the development team could remove the auto format rule from the data uploader if possible please!

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It will be nice to have the date format in DD-MMM-YY

Second that!

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Most users outside the US use dd/mm/yyyy format for dates. Constant Contact only offers US format (mm/dd/yyyy). Not having a European format is completely useless. In the long run this is a deal breaker for us, and I am sure for most users outside of the US. When can we expect this feature?



I can see a number of comments requesting a European date format but can't see any response that this will happen. I've been trying to find a way to change the formatting on the RSVP function as I've set up a number of meeting dates on an e-bulletin which will be very confusing to my UK audience in their current date format. 

Is there a reason why this hasn't been developed - it looks like people have been asking for this functionality for the past 4 years.

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right !


how about date - month dd/mm


ability to set date format has been standard in computing since the 1960's.  If this has not been done after so many years, CC is never going to do it.  Its a dealbreaker for me.  System is useless

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If you cant fix the date format this system is no good for me.

Whilst you can change the time zone setting for the UK, all date settings are currently structured to be in American format and you cannot change this to UK format. If you export this information into excel it is not recognised as a date in the UK

Dear Constant Contact,


It looks as though you have enough feedback for the last few years from non US citizens to provide an option to for users to choose to have the date format to DATE/MONTH/YEAR. 

Surely it is easy to code and not sure why non US citizens should be paying a full membership fee as this is slowing down our progress on work. Super disapointing! 

Why hasn't Constand contact responded to any of the above messages? 


Hi @First-NameL45259  there are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. The more requests receive on this thread, the higher priority it will receive from our Product Team. I did also want to make you aware we have read your feedback, as all feedback is read by Constant Contact employees. I apologize while we may not respond to every comment – it is acknowledged.

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STOP using back to front US-style dates. It confuses everyone all the time and we have to write the correct date on account activity to prevent mis-entering in our accounting system. Just use dd-mmm-yy so there is no confusion. And anything exported in CSV is US format ENTIRELY screws up when loaded to Excel which stats off interpreting US dates until it finds and 13th month and then flips to the dd/mm/yy that the rest of the work use making a complete and utter pigs ear of the date. Just STOP using US-style dates
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