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When editing fee page, the software automatically changes fee type to "multiple" and populates an additional fee for zero dollars. (I want flat fee, and discount codes) If I don't catch it I can publish my event with two choices $2350 or $0. This is unacceptable. As the owner of the company I will be extra diligent when editing and event but I might miss it and I cannot police my employees every time an edit might be made- even if changes are very limited. If I go in to install a discount code only, why should I have to remember to delete a fee that I never installed. Boooo on you Constant Contact. I was told by customer service that the engineers said,"it's just like, sorry". It is obvious that your engineers have never used your software for an actual event or had to put their money on the line. Perhaps Eventbrite does. This is not the first time I have had to bring major bugs to the attention of the engineers- I got the same response too. It's obviously broken , fix it. Evan Chapple
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Thanks for posting this feedback. When choosing "Multiple Fees" it indicates more than one which is why the second field is populated. I can understand as a user only needing one field that this is frustrating. Please continue to share your feedback on topics like this for the development team to use in future updates.


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