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I recently called and spoke with a Rep who informed me that a lot of these options were not available under Constant Contact. I am using and wanted to transfer all my surveys to constant contact, but unfortunately, I will not be able to because of the following reasons. 1. When asking a "rate on a scale" question, the maximum allowable questions are 10. Sometimes I have 14 or 20 questions to ask. I do not want to keep having to break apart my questions. 2. the only way for me to view open-ended responses on the summary data is to print in excel. I would rather it be an option in PDF. 3. There is no option to add a list without having to use the open text-style option. For instance, I want to ask participants 3 things they like about their company. I want three separate text boxes where they can list their likes instead of having to use one big open-text style.

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It would be very helpful to have a notes section in the event spot registration area so that if I have to cancel a paid registration from one date I can register the person in the next event date and have a way to note that their payment is under the first registration.  That they transferred, etc


It would also be helpful if abandoned registrations could be refreshed to be able to access PayPal a second time.  

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