Make automated campaigns re-startable

Please make it possible to re-start automated campaigns. When they get ended automatically by Constant Contact (for a compliance or billing issue), there is no way to re-start the campaign. Having to copy and start over is a nightmare for reporting!!! 

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Hi @EricW6386 this is great feedback! I have not only tracked this feedback to the appropriate teams, but have also opened your idea up so other users can weigh in as well.

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When CC software glitches, triggering an account to be temporarily suspended pending review, it deactivates automated campaigns. This causes the following problems:

- campaigns have to be recreated (copy the deactivated one and activate new copy)

- "New" campaign has to be restarted for ALL recipients, because there's no way to just pick up where it was deactivated, meaning that if a campaign is triggered when a contact is added to a group, and there is a software glitch, EVERY contact in that folder starts on number 1, EVERY TIME there is a glitch. This is effectively spamming our contacts, which significantly damages a company's image and relationship with their clients. There isn't even a way for your staff to circumvent this and restart the campaigns.

- No notification is sent out, so there's no way to know when this happens, or how long it has been in effect. This happened to us today and the only way we found out was by accident. We logged in to set up a campaign and there was an alert that we needed to call customer service. By the time I called (and the number given goes to billing, not compliance or tech support), the alert had already been removed, but the damage was done.


This could easily be fixed by pausing campaigns rather than disabling them when the software glitches or an account goes into review by compliance. Then allowing either staff or the client to "unpause" the campaigns so that the serious issues with recreating a campaign are avoided.

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I want to add that we should be able to edit campaign series (add new email list, change email, change dates, etc.) without creating a new campaign.  It is so frustrating to have numerous campaigns with the same information on them.  I am new to the online space and as I learn and grow, I want to be able to tweak my welcome series as new products come out etc.  


Please fix this issues.  There is so much in my account and it makes me overwhelmed.

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