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I really wish that in addition to the current automation features, that you were able to set a date for future ones rather than base it off when a contact was added to the list. My organization has to send regular emails containing similar content - like reminder emails for what somebody can do with their membership - and right now it's not possible to automate that.

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Michelle - That's a great suggestion, and it's actually something you can already do in Constant Contact and you don't even need to create an autoresponder to do it.


Just create your email (newsletter, promotion, etc.) how you would if you were going to send it right away. When you're happy with the content of the email, choose to Schedule it and pick what contact lists it should go to. On that same page, you can change from the default of "Send now" to "Schedule for later", then just pick that date and time in the future that you want it to send.


You can create and schedule as many emails as you like.


Please let me know if I've misunderstood what you're trying to accomplish.


Jennifer Bubriski

Group Product Manager, Constant Contact

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