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I have been an Event Producer for 20+ years, and I love EventSpot over all of the other online event management offerings. I have a few notes for the programmers: 1. Please allow deeper customization of tickets so we can put sponsor logos and other info. on tickets. It's the one thing that guests hold onto, so it is important to have that customization. 2. Please allow guests to go back in to their original registration (using the e-mail address they used to register) and add guests or make changes to names. And/or, allow the event manager (in this case myself) to make additions on their behalf. Currently, the system doesn't allow that, and it creates a headache for guest who invariably want to make changes. 3. Please allow editing of the message that pops up when someone tries to register after an event is full. This is a great place to advertise future events or signing up for e-mail newsletters, etc. Thanks so much for creating such a great event tool!
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This is great feedback. Thank you for taking the time to write it up.
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