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Reporting is one of the weakest areas of this whole product and for a planner it is so very important! Might I suggest that the Registration report under Quick Status Reports offer different fields that can be added? What if I have team names or breakout choices? I'd love to be able to bring those fields into this report. Plus I would also like to be able to sort on them. I'd like to see all of the members of a team, or all of the people who want to room together. This simply is too canned to be that useful. Thanks!
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Thank you Laurie. The QuickStatus report does have default fields at this time but I think you have a great suggestion there-- to be able to customize your own event report. Currently, you may use the full registrant report to view all the details of the registration (click Reporting tab > click Export). This exports the report to Excel and you can use that file to customize and sort the columns and fields you want. Hope this helps. Please keep voting for this and any other features you want to see.

I too would love for there to be more flexibilty in the QuickStatus report.  For me I care about the level of registration for a quick status and to be able to sort that.  To have to run a full report each time I just need a quick update is not ideal but of course doable.  Would just like to be able to choose what I want to see in a quick status.  Thanks!

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This is a great feature, however the report needs to include company name.
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