Register contact for an event through contact profile

It would be nice to be able to pick an individuals name within your contacts list and register them for an event vs having the enter all the information into the system when it already resides there.  This is basically for walk-ins on the day of your event.  Currently when you have a walk-in you have to enter all their information into Constant Contact, it would be nice to go into the database, choose their name and click a button to register them for the current event.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Or if someone sends a check, I can register for them.... with the information already in the database.

To have to re-enter information every time creates the possibility of false duplicate records if the information is not keyed in exactly the same way ?!


Sometimes I am taking information over the phone to register someone who is a previous donor, so this would make it much easier to register.

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