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Hi folks we love the service, but I had a number of suggestions for improvement for your great UI. I hope you'll take them into consideration. 1. When I log in, it only shows me the last 4 events or so that I entered, and I can't sort it by date of event. This is not a big deal but it is a hassle. For instance we have a large event on June 1st, so we set it up in Jan. Since then we've had 3-4 other events, but those are now over. But whenever I log it, I have to scroll past all the past May, April , March etc events just to see the upcoming June event. Ideally I'd be able to sort by event date (and not when I set up the event) and it would stay that way when I re-login. 2. Editing the emails. The GUI for the editing seems buggy in that whenever I do a paste it scrolls all the way to the top of my email and I have to scroll all the way down to continue editing. I'm using Chrome, I tried it on Edge because it was a pain, but Edge did the same thing. I've not tried it on Mozilla. 3. Editing emails: Whenever I want to save, I have to scroll all the way to the top of the email to see the "save" button this is a big hassle. The save button should be veiwable all the time even when I have scrolled down. 4. If I send an email to all non-responders, and then copy it, I can't send that copy to everyone. It can only be sent to non-responders. I have to figure out how to tediously replicate the email if I want to send an almost identical email to everyone. 5. There's no easy way to copy and paste content from the landing page to the email. There's no easy way to copy and paste between. emails and keep the formatting. 6. The landing page does not seem to have an SSL certificate because it shows up as non-secure. Note the registration page seems secure but not the landing page. 7. The Mobile app doesn't let me view any of the stats of the campaigns unless they are mobile campaigns. This is a hassle if I want to know what's going on while travelling. Thanks again for a great product. My email is
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One another thing, it seems CR or LFs aren't preserved in many places. E.g. the comment I made earlier was neatly broken up in to numbered bullet points while I was editing it, but it all runs together when displayed above. This is also the case when filling out the text fields during registration.

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I Just joined, and I noticed that too. :-(

Hopefully the dev team will hear and fix it!

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Hello @NeilM595,

Thank you for all of this very detailed feedback! This is super helpful when it comes to understanding the specific pain points you may be experiencing. I was wondering if you would be able to answer a few questions about your feedback for me. 

When you say editing is buggy, what kind of content are you copying and pasting into the editor? Does this happen every time you copy and paste or is it random? Does this only happen with your event emails?

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It happens in the event emails and it happens everytime. Basically start creating an event email for sending out for the event. Make it a long one, so that the top of the page scrolls up.

Copy something (say text from a webpage) and paste it. The paste occurs but then the editor scrolls to the top of the block and you have to find your place all over again. 

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One more thing that I'd like to see changed.

7. We serve meals at our events and folks can order a meal and pay on line. Occasionally the caterer will change the offering and we modify the offerings as we go along. This is all fine but we have a deadline for ordering food at our event. After that deadline folks can still register but we have to disable the food ordering. So what I do is turn off the "items" available. BUT I also like to duplicate the event for the next event so I don't have to reenter everything all over again including the changes. But once I've disabled the items they disappear, and when I copy the event I can't re-enable the food ordering so that all the food updates stay. This is rather frustrating. I do keep a master around, but that means I have to edit any changes in two places on an ongoing basis. It would be nice if we could copy an event and then select both if we resend those emails to folks who have not responded (see above) and re-enable the food items.

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