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Currently when I go into Individual for a survey it I have to click on Survey Responses for each individual that completed a survey. It would be much easier if we could also open these as a total report and I could just scroll down to see each individuals responses.
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Currently when I go into Overall for a survey it shows me line charts for responses, but I have to click into another area to see text responses, so I have to create multiple reports to see text responses as well. It would be great if the text responses could be added as part of the overall report, so multiple reports aren't necessary.
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Great Idea, thank you for sharing your feedback. 


This isn't a new idea, I'm complaining.

Is there some reason why I can't just get the new survey response data in an email? Here's what I have to go through to see comments / results:

1) Click on link in email

2) Click on 'Campaigns'

3) Click on Campaign Type > Surveys

4) Find the survey in question, click on "More"

5) Click on Results

6) Click on Individual Results

7) Click on Survey Responses for the latest result.

😎 Click on Printable Version: Now I need to send the new result to the right person. Could print out the survey but...seriously?

😎 Click on Print Report

9) Save as PDF

10) Create new email and attach PDF

**This is a horrible process.**

The option to create a PDF with summary data is absolutely useless information.

When I download Excel summary with details of surveys, the formatting is better than it used to be but the contact information that goes with each result is not lined up with the actual result it came in on:excel-cc.jpg

We always print copies of all of our Annual Satisfaction Survey responses. It takes a long time to open each individual survey and print it. It would be helpful if there was a way to download all of the whole survey responses as individual PDFs so we could print them all for our records. We only use excel for the recording piece and we save the individual PDFs as a record for our prize raffle and as a record of responses.
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