We used to be able to print out a registration list without downloading a report.

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Before now I was able to print out a registration list and now I can't . I have to download a report which takes too much time when you need a quick look at registration.
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I have to produce a report for someone else to see on the RSVP responses and it would be nice if we had the ability to produce a PDF report of replies sorted by response choice.
Hello, It would be nice to generate a sign-in sheet automatically that is already formatted as a PDF. Right now I convert the payment report to excel and delete registration date, payment date, payment type, transaction ID and Payer email. All we need is name, email address, fee amount and payment status, and a "signature" column. I would think this would be beneficial to all your customers, as having a sign-in sheet is pretty standard for most events.
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Quick Status reports for events are available through the Event reporting, including a registration report where a full report does not need to be downloaded and can be printed directly from the account. If you are looking for further event reporting, please post separately on our Feedback board as this idea will be closed for future replies.

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